Lucas® Cleaning Products

The image of your salon or spa is everything. It can affect how clients see you, what they will pay to visit you and keep or scare away a new loyal client. Lucas® Products, the trusted manufacturer of Lucasol™ Disinfectant and Super Sunnies® eyewear, now offers a complete range of professional grade, environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions to keep your business beautiful. Our complete Lucas® Salon & Spa Cleaning System tackles the toughest grime, while maintaining safe and carefully managed, biodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients. Clean without harm, shine without guilt. 

Lucas® Disinfecting Products

Your salon and spa environment has a unique set of cleaning challenges that only the toughest, most professional grade cleaning products can tackle. Lucas® Disinfectant is hospital grade, keeps germs at bay,  and your environment 100% safe for your clients and you.

Lucas® Tools & Essentials

As you well know, to do any job and do it right…you need the right tools for the job. Tools that are ultra-high quality, durable and can withstand the rigors of a high traffic working environment. Lucas Products has you covered. But beyond studio design and customer service, the most important element driving a positive experience is a clean and spotless salon. And it is essential to your salon’s positive image.

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Designed for tanning beds

48 oz. pump sprayer

Brighten grout & tile

Mild and pleasantly scented

Extra thick, tough cleanser

Sanitize & eliminate germs

Powerful clean for any surface

Premium quality without the cost

For All Purpose & Glass Cleaner

Streak-free clean

Safely cleans & eliminates odors

Brighten grout & tile

Effective, yet gentle on plumbing

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

24 oz. spray bottle

Gallon & Quart Pump

2.5 Gallon

Effortless measuring

Pack of 15

Sterilize any implement

Sterilize any implement

Ideal for dry hands

FDA compliant

Textured grip

Medical grade, powder-free

Mount vertical or horizontal

99.9% UV Protection

Nail techs or spray tanning

Durable, brown rubber

Grey, fits most doors

Bright color for safety

For 23 gallon thin bin

23 gallon, ergonomic handles

Empties from the bottom

Brushed stainless steel

12.5 Amp, 110-120 Volt

Automatic touchless dispenser


1000 mL, modern design

Pack of 1000, biodegradable

Pack of 2500, biodegradable

White or black

Portable cleaning

Heavy duty construction

Blue or Brown

Prevent spillage

Chemical resistant

Locking strap

Heavy-duty round handle

Acid resistant

General purpose cleaning

Heavy duty

Impact resistant

Ideal for equipment & metal

Green scrubber on cellulose sponge

Chemical free

54″ fiberglass handle

20oz. capacity

20oz. capacity

57″ with a 7 5/8” head

Accommodates 12-32 oz. mops

Genuine ostrich feathers

Durable and affordable

Easy lock 2-way handle

waterproof plastic

Hand-Held Microfiber Duster head

Excellent for surface dusting

Virtually lint-free

Excellent for cleaning

Reusable and lint free

Lightweight aluminum

Sleek design

Electrostatically grabs dust

Extends up to 40″

Passive Air Freshener

Cartridges in 5 fragrances

Complete, stand alone ashtray

Safe for outdoor use

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